Acxiom Consulting business solutions for distribution helps an organization to optimize their supply chain, order processing and warehousing capabilities. Our solutions are based on deep cross functional knowledge of industry which helps our clients in planning of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion and logistics management are crucial components of coordination and collaboration with channel partners. In essence, supply chain management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies.

Strong industry knowledge and experience of Acxiom Consulting provides powerful, agile solutions based on both Microsoft Dynamics & SAP industry the tools that can manage, streamline and optimize their business from top to bottom of the supply chain. These integrated solutions can be deployed quickly and inexpensively, without complicated customization or drawn-out implementation projects. You can use self-service business intelligence to improve demand planning and respond to unique customer requests, and scale your business quickly with multisite capabilities and flexible deployment options that reduce risk.

Benefits of Acxiom Consulting solution for Distribution:
  • Increase in Inventory accuracy.
  • Reduction in operation cost.
  • Reduction in the cycle time.
  • % increase in the complete and on-time shipments.
  • Better transparency in supply chain.
  • Helps to create accurate demand forecast and Automate critical business processes from order capture to
    inventory replenishment.
  • Supports the use of RFID, mobile devices and bar codes for visibility into the supply chain.
  • Improve productivity and return on assets with full visibility across processes, lines, departments, outsourced operations, and throughout the global supply network.
Industries we cater:
  • Food & Beverages
  • Automobile
  • Insecticide & Pesticide
  • Healthcare Equipment’s

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