Today’s clients need highly responsive and transparent service delivery with clear economic value. Our purpose is to help providers meet and exceed these expectations by delivering reputation-enhancing service experiences reliably, across offices, practices, and time zones.

While ERP relates traditionally to industries involved in the production and movement of physical products it has grown to mean much more. Accounting, selling and purchasing processes need to be controlled in all sectors and some ERP products provide comprehensive functionality to cover project management and project based billing, costing and accounting as well as sub-contracting purchasing and selling workflows. These together with other process workflows and financial processes to support a wide variety of service based requirements mean that ERP is as relevant to service sector organizations as it is too many more traditional ERP markets.

With our ERP solution for service industries, you can:
  • Capitalize on talent and catalyze innovation. Improve utilization by balancing people and project assignments across offices, practices, and time zones, while enabling virtual teams with rich, real-time collaboration.
  • Cultivate reliably unique client experiences. Build your firm’s reputation—one client service experience at a time—with business applications and methodologies that deliver predictable outcomes.
  • Compress time to insight and action. Make smarter decisions faster with rich contextual and role-specific information that can drive automation and streamline execution.
Industries we cater:
  • Professional Services
  • Hospital Management
  • Law Firms

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